2265 Bloor Street Preliminary Report

The city of Toronto has published the 2265 Bloor Street Preliminary Report in advance of Tuesday’s Community Council meeting. It directs staff to schedule a community consultation meeting for April. Included in the preliminary report are a number of drawings and details for the proposed development.

Here is a summary of the key facts:

  • 8 storey mixed use building compromised of 83 residential units
  • Includes the land from 2265 Bloor to 2279 Bloor, plus 116 and 240 Durie Street
  • Requires the demolition of the adjacent house on Durie
  • Includes 19 replacement rental units
  • Developer: Harrington Developments Limited Partnership (no known development history)
  • Architect: TACT Architecture
  • Planner: Bousfields Inc.

The preliminary report lists a number of concerns with the development, with the first few being the most critical:

  • Appropriateness of including Neighbourhoods designated lands as part of an Avenues redevelopment proposal
  • Consideration of the site in the context of this portion of the Bloor Street Avenue, the potential to establish an undesirable precedent and the existing and planned context of the area
  • Conformity with Official Plan policies noted in this report
  • Height, scale and density of the proposed development and associated impacts
  • Compatibility and fit with the physical character of the area
  • Conformity with the Avenues and Mid-Rise Buildings Performance Standards
  • Impacts on the neighbourhood to the south
  • Confirmation of existing rental units and rents
  • Appropriateness of the rental replacement proposal
  • Tenant meeting and profiles to be scheduled and assessed
  • Satisfactory tenant relocation and assistance, and tenant communication plan
  • Review of the Toronto Green Standard Checklist for compliance with Tier 1 performance standards

The agenda item for Tuesday concludes with: “A community consultation meeting is recommended to be held in April of this year, in consultation with the Ward Councillor, with a Final Report and related Public Meeting under the Planning Act, targeted for the first quarter of 2015. This target assumes that the applicant will provide all required information in a timely manner.”

Keep an eye out for the community consultation meeting in April, and use the attached material to get a better sense for what is going to be proposed. We are working to develop Bloor West Village in a way that is consistent with the rest of the neighbourhood. Do you feel this property accomplishes that? Come to the community consultation meeting with your thoughts.