May 7th, 2013City Council adopts the recommendations and sends city resources to OMB to oppose the application.
April 20th, 20132114 Working Group Meeting 2: North Drive Investments presents a without prejudice option to the 2114 Bloor Street West working group. It shows a reduction in height by 1 storey, an improved external facade, and a number of other minor changes. NDI will revise their application and it may include some of these proposals. The working group and the developer could not reach consensus on key issues around height and density. The city has not issued a final report due to potential changes from NDI.
April 29th, 2013The city issues a Supplemental Request for Direction Report for City Council that continues to oppose the revised application.
April 9th, 2013Community Council adopts the city's recommendation with amendments and requests a new report on the revised application for City Council to consider on May 7th.
April 8th, 2013North Drive Investments amends its application and changes include a reduction in height by 1 storey. A letter from Goodmans summarizes the rest of the changes.
March 20, 2013The April 9th Etobicoke Community Council meeting has an agenda item and a Request for Direction Report recommending City Council oppose the applicant's appeal to OMB.
March 19, 20121990 Bloor Working Group Meeting 3
January, 2012Branding for The High Park appears at 1990 Bloor and a website launches called The High Park
October 1, 20121990 Bloor Working Group Meeting 2
September 26, 20121990 Bloor Appealed to OMB
Sept 25, 20121990 Bloor Working Group Meeting 1
Sept 18, 20122114 Bloor Working Group Meeting 1
October 30 & 31, 2012
November 1, 2012
City Council item to Request for Avenue Study on Bloor Street West between Runnymede Road and Keele Street - by Councillor Sarah Doucette, seconded by Councillor Mark Grimes. The motion passed, but the '2013' qualifier was removed.
June 28, 20121990 Bloor Street West Community Consultation
June 20, 2012Councilor Doucette: Development 101
June 13, 2012Etobicoke York Community Council Meeting (1990 & 2114 Bloor)
May 24, 20121990 Bloor Street West and 26 Parkview Gardens - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report
May 24, 20122114-2130 Bloor Street West - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report
March 30, 2012Rezoning Application Submitted for 2114 Bloor Street West
March 29, 2012Rezoning Application Submitted for 1990 Bloor Street West
March 8, 2012Pre-Application Community Consultation Meeting